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The Welding Cluster

Today welding is one of the most dynamically growing business sector in the world, so it is in Poland. According to data included in “ Situation and Prospects for Growth of Welding Sector in Poland” published in 2007, the value of equipment and other supplies associated with welding was estimated at 0.7÷1 billion Polish Zlotys. It is estimated the quantity of welding equipment being sold in Poland has doubled in a space of the past eight years.
The target group for welding services includes  steel and mining industry, power industry, shipbuilding industry, construction and automotive industry. These branches are at the same time the key customers of services of businesses affiliated within the Welding Cluster KLASTAL  funded in 2007 as a joint initiative of Polish welding businesses for Podkarpackie and Lubelske regions.


Businesses associated within our cluster are involved in cooperation on international level supplying highly processed units for mining, shipbuilding, oil mining, machine-building industries for German, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Austrian markets.


KLASTAL activities focus on giving support to businesses operating in the welding sector and are aimed at providing optimal quality products and services offfered by them. Business entities operating actively in the welding sector proovide the following scope of service:

  • Machine cutting

    Turning using conventional lathes, boring and turning lathes, milling, drilling, cylinder and inlets grinding, turning/milling machining systems; in-depth grinding (EXERON); CNC Yamazaki MAZAK duplex lathe, CNC Yamazaki MAZAK turning centers, squirt welder using MIG/MAG, TIG methods and plasma welding.

  • Metal Welding

    Aluminum welding; stainless steel welding; steel constructions welding; electron beam welding (CVE); gas-shielded welding MIG/MAG and TIG; plasmawelding.

  • Parts

    Trading of professional tools, production of equipment and parts for shipbuilding industry: booms, winches, pillars, U35 gear boxes, parts for HSW Stalowa Wola  machines and other manufacturers of road and construction machinery.

  • Repair and Renovation

    Trading of renovated/ overhauled machinery; post warranty inspection, servicing, overhauls, repair of attachments used by JCB, CASE, CAT, HSW StalowaWola; bolt thread restoration directly on the machine.

  • Water Jet Cutting, oxygen cutting, Laser Beam Cutting

    Plasma cutting of carbon steel, highly-alloyed steel, stainless steel, heat resistant, aluminum and other metals. Oxygen cutting of thick low carbon steel; profiles, pipes. Precision laser beam cutting of metal sheets. Water Jet cutting of variety of materials. Mechanical cutting using band saw, web saw, pipes and rollers. CNC plasma cutting up to 20 mm, oxygen cutting up to 100 mm.

  • Metal constructions

    Production of halls, pavilions, production of heat-resisting steel and highly alloyed steel products, roof constructions, pavilion catwalks, silos, steel pallets for heavy materials transport, aluminium-ring machining baskets, acid-proof frames, melting-furnace pots, platforms, guard rails, parts for construction machinery, hydroelectric power stations, wind power plants, bio-gas works and deep sea "offshore" oil production machines assemblies.

  • Abrasives

    Production of tools made of abrasive cloth, paper and non-woven. Our offer contains of products made of abrasive paper and cloth, non-woven and felt, such as endless belts, flap wheels with shaft and hole, flap discs, discs, sheets, rolls, sleeves, cones and many more to serve many branches such as wood industry, car industry, grinding of glass, stone and plastics.


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Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Program - Economic Growth of Eastern Poland through 2007-2013
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